Notebook - Hare

Notebook - Hare
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Notebook is 10.5cm x 14cm, spiral bound at the top, plain pages with beautiful photograph on the front. Packaged in compostable corn starch bag.

I am an award-winning Wildlife Photographer and associate of the Royal Photographic Society. 

I  never cease to be amazed by the wonders of God’s creation as I pursue my passion for wildlife photography.

From the melancholy cry of the waders on a windswept salt marsh to the exuberant joy of the song of the blackbird in the garden; from the madness of the boxing hares in a farmer’s field to the soft bluebell scented air of the woodland; these are the ever fascinating images of my native Essex which I attempt to capture on camera. In an increasingly hectic world, I hope my photographs will encourage others to stop, be still, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

“The wildlife photographer is a naturalist in spirit, a scientist, a poet and a dreamer, filled with respect for life that does not belong to him, a man who wants to share his emotions and his enthusiasm with others.”

( in Baufle, J.M. & Varin, J.P. Photographing Wildlife [1972]: Kaye and Ward Ltd.)

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