The Way of The Hare book

The Way of The Hare book
The Way of The Hare book The Way of The Hare book
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This book explores hares as they are and as we imagine them, and the long and often bloody history of our association with these enigmatic animals. Elegant studies of molecular biology and biomechanical physics help us understand how hares are put together, while centuries of game estate records reveal how humans have commodified and exploited them. But it is ultimately the moments spent in the company of wild hares that allow us to bring together myth and reality to celebrate the magic of the living animal.

Marianne Taylor is an author, illustrator and photographer, based in the wilds of rural Kent. Her interest in natural history began (according to her parents) from an extremely early age, although she doesn’t remember how disappointed her three-year-old self was at the lack of dinosaurs roaming the English countryside.

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