Hare fabric tea cosy

Hare fabric tea cosy
Hare fabric tea cosy Hare fabric tea cosy Hare fabric tea cosy Hare fabric tea cosy Hare fabric tea cosy Hare fabric tea cosy
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Hand made in the UK by Sharon Burge for


Tea cosy using the hare fabric used in other items made for Wild Life - but in a rich cobalt blue, which matches the HPT bone china mug.  The edges are bound in a matching satin cobalt binding.  Price includes postage and packing.

These lino cut illustrations were originally for a hand printed book "Why a Hare is Not a Rabbit".  Subsequently they were used as endpapers at the front and back of "The Hare Book" and then turned into fabric. 

The images and their text in the original book were as follows.

  Hares live above ground. They make dents in the grass to huddle down in, called forms.  Rabbits live in warrens they dig underground.

  Young hares (leverets) are born with their eyes open.  Young rabbits (kittens) are born with their eyes shut.

  Leverets are born fully furred but rabbit kittens are bald when they are born.

  Mainly nocturnal, hares live alone and only come together when they are choosing a mate.

Rabbits live in large family groups both above and below ground.

  The hare is considerably larger than the rabbit and is the UK’s fastest mammal, with a top speed of 35-45mph.

Faster than a puma.  The rabbit is much slower!


The fabric is 100% cotton half panama and is hand wash / do not tumble dry / medium iron if required.

All copyright reserved Jane Russ

Price includes postage and packing.  For non-UK orders please contact us.

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